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ICTS High Performance Computing Cluster

Torque / PBS Exit Status / Shell

This code can be useful in diagnosing problems with jobs that may have unexpectedly terminated. If TORQUE was unable to start the job, this field will contain a negative number produced by the pbs_mom.

Otherwise, if the job script was successfully started, the value in this field will be the return value of the script via the shell (bash).

Exit Codes:

JOB_EXEC_OK0job exec successful
JOB_EXEC_FAIL1-1job exec failed, before files, no retry
JOB_EXEC_FAIL2-2job exec failed, after files, no retry
JOB_EXEC_RETRY-3job execution failed, do retry
JOB_EXEC_INITABT-4job aborted on MOM initialization
JOB_EXEC_INITRST-5job aborted on MOM init, chkpt, no migrate
JOB_EXEC_INITRMG-6job aborted on MOM init, chkpt, ok migrate
JOB_EXEC_BADRESRT-7job restart failed
JOB_EXEC_CMDFAIL-8exec() of user command failed
1Job script or executable returned an error
8Floating point exception
126Command cannot execute
127Command not found
139Segmentation fault / memory error
271A resource limit was exceeded or job killed with qdel